Unidentified Victims

There are many children we know have been victims of documented child abuse, but none of us who know how to help them knows who they are.

Ordinarily, when the FBI recovers images of abuse, those documents are sent to the amazing people at National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) for identification. NCMEC then processes those images into an algorithm so that computers, not people, can sort and match the massive quantity of images that they process.When a child’s images are provided to NCMEC repeatedly, NCMEC assigns that child a unique “Series Name.” When NCMEC matches images to a child who they have already identified, a Child Victim Identification Program (CVIP) report is sent to the officials who need it.

But too often, NCMEC has received a child’s images enough times that they have assigned a "Series Name" to that child, but nobody at NCMEC knows who the child is. From a lawyer’s perspective, this means that we know for sure that nobody is helping them with a RestoreTheChild program. Far more horrifying, it means that nobody knows if the abuse is continuing.

If you or someone you know may be a victim of child pornography, we can assist in determining whether those images are traded online and if restitution is available.