How Does It Work?

Our part of the job is complicated. Your part is simple: healing.

We Take the Notices, Not You

A very first step in representing the child is that we create a private email account and immediately have the Victim Notification Service redirect all of the VNS Notices to it. Done are the relentless interruptions in moving forward with life and healing. We see them, you don't.

A Single Visit with an Expert Counselor

In order to be ready to answer the questions for Federal Judges all across the nation, we coordinate and fund a session with one of the very wonderful counselors who understand the road the child has travelled, and who will write a report teaching the Judges what they want to understand for each case.

No Testifying, No Depositions & No Traveling to Courts

We will represent the child in Federal Courtrooms all across the U.S.A., and even in U.S. Military Courts around the world. But the child's days of dreading having to appear in court to testify and be cross-examined are over. Federal Judges have approved our unique approach which completely frees the child from the courtroom, depositions, and examinations.

Never Write Us a Check

We will invest considerable money and time in representing the child. But you will never receive a bill, or be asked to write us a check, even if we never recover a penny for the child. When we do succeed in securing money for the child through the Federal Criminal Courts or through suits in the Federal Civil Courts, our expenses are reimbursed from the proceeds, and we simply retain a percentage of the recovery as our attorneys' fees. In other words, the financial risks are ours, not yours.

Yes, our unique and wonderful approach requires little more of the child than one counseling session with somebody who understands. After that, the fights are all ours, and are invisible to the child. We want their only job to be healing and living. Our goal is get them some of the much deserved money to make doing so a bit easier.

To learn more about how we can help, we invite you to contact us today for a free, confidential consultation.