How Restore the Child Can Help

Victims of documented child abuse and sexual exploitation receive Notices from the United States Department of Justice's Victim Notification System (VNS) each time their image is identified. These Notices, sometime dozens and hundreds in a month’s time, can become overwhelming for a victim’s family. As your child’s designated legal counsel, Restore the Child, can monitor, receive and process those Notices on your behalf, allowing you, your child and your family to live your life without constant reminders of the abuse and exploitation.

Once a Notice is received, we will communicate on your behalf, with prosecutors, investigators court personnel and counsel for the offender, so that you can spend your time and energy devoted to helping your child restore security, trust and love. We can also help you locate licensed professional therapists and counselors with specific expertise in this arena to guide your child and family through the healing process — a process that can take a lifetime.

As your attorneys, we will advocate and fight for your child’s right to restitution, compensation and justice against those who possess, trade or share your child’s images of abuse. We will work on your child’s behalf in a discreet, compassionate and professional manner. In our pursuit of justice for your child, however, we do not forget your child’s need for privacy and security. We will resolve claims for restitution without live testimony from your child and without your child stepping into a court room.

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